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Orcas Distributing, Ltd. is a family owned and operated Washington State wholesale beverage distribution company. Our mission is to advocate for the true craft beverage, regardless of the size of the supplier or notoriety of the brand name behind the product. We are strongly dedicated to promoting genuinely high quality beverages, even if production is small and the producer's budget is limited.

At Orcas Distributing, we strive to be brand-builders of the products we carefully select to distribute, as opposed to simply acting as a logistics arm of our suppliers. We intimately partner up with all of our producers to bring the best micro-brews, unique "jizake" (high quality craft Sake), traditional ciders and craft spirits to the Washington State consumers.



Toshi Kojima
Vice President & Director of Operations. Craft Beer, Cider, Sake & Spirits lover!


Tomoko Leinweber
Executive Assistant & General Office Manager. Loves All Good Beverages!


Daniel Frueh
Craft & Import Beer Portfolio Manager. Sales Manager. Key Accounts Sales (King County). Craft Beer Specialist!


Brian Burke
Craft & Key Account Sales (Capitol Hill, Pierce County, Lewis County, Thurston County, Peninsula). Craft Beer Specialist.


Yuji Murai
Import Sake & Shochu Portfolio Manager. Key Accounts Sales (King, Snohomish, Skagit Counties, I-5 Corridor North to Bellingham, WA and Canadian Border). Craft Sake & Shochu Specialist!


Luis Garcia
Operations, Delivery & Merchandiser. Craft Beer Enthusiast!


Ryan Billing
Operations Manager. Craft Beer and Cider Specialist.


Justin Aycock
Supplier & Chain Account Management. Key Account Sales (General Eastside. HWY2 - HWY18, North Seattle). Craft Beer Specialist.


Julian Villegas
Operations Lead. Craft Beer Enthusiast!


Zach Naranjo
Craft & Key Account Sales (King County - Downtown, Ballard/Fremont/Green Lake/U District). Craft Beer Specialist